We had 5 chowders and 8 chili dishes at the Cookoff. Chilis ranged from mild to hot and included dishes like buffalo chili, wild turkey chili, chili with Carolina Reaper peppers, etc. Some of the chowders were fish chowder, seafood chowder, landlocked salmon chowder, and two corn chowders. THEY WERE ALL SIMPLY GREAT!

Winners were:
Seafood Chowder by Jane Jones and Marguerite Alberi
Chili was a tie. Deb Schilling with her wild turkey chili, and Chris Patch with a mild chili were winners.

A good time was had by all who also enjoyed some wonderful breads and homemade rolls, as well as a table containing luscious desserts.

Many thanks to those who came to the clubhouse to enjoy the wonderful food, and of course, those fine cooks who supplied the great tasty dishes!

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