Norway-Paris Fish & Game Assn., Inc.

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What's happening at our club.....

Our monthly meetings are held on the Third Wednesday of every month, beginning at 6:30 PM, in our clubhouse. During normal times, we enjoy a truly terrific potluck dinner, guests are welcome, and there is never any charge.



Because of the China pandemic, we will not have a social meeting in January.

We will have our ICE FISHING DERBY in February. It’s on any local water open to ice fishing, February 27 and 28 (Saturday and Sunday) from 6 am to 5 PM both days, and our clubhouse is Derby Headquarters. The raffle drawing will take place at 5:30 PM Sunday. Adults with the biggest fish in a category win $50.00, while Juniors 15 and under win a trophy for each biggest fish in a category. Categories are bass, togue, pickerel, brown trout, brook trout/splake, rainbow trout, salmon and pike. The $1.00 ticket allows a fish to be registered, and also qualify the holder for one of the MANY great prizes in the raffle. See them below. You don’t need to fish to win in the raffle, just ask my non-fishing wife. If you want to order tickets by mail, make a check for at least $5.00 (minimum order) payable to NPFG and send it to NPFG, Box 123, Norway 04268, and we’ll get them right out to you.  $5.00 gets you 5 tickets, $10.00 for ten of them, etc. 

As you know, Debby Schilling is our highly skilled instructor, and she is currently working on training courses for next year. She would VERY much like you to notify her if you have any interest in any of these courses; Refuse to Be a Victim, Women on Target shooting clinics, Ladies Only Fun Shoots – Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, SIRT training, which is simulated laser handgun training, Holster skills class, Introduction to Muzzle Loading, NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun courses, NRA Instructor courses – Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and New Shooter Training. If folks are interested, they can contact Debby at: or (207) 376-6637. All of her courses have been VERY popular, and attendees have rated them highly, and returned for others. Obviously, some of the courses are for ladies only, but many others are coeducational. Of course all CDC virus protocols are enforced, most classes are limited to 10 persons, and utmost safety is assured.

Membership: our dues can now be paid by sending a check to NPFG, Box 123, Norway, 04268. If you need to know the amount, or require additional information, cruise over to the “JOIN” page where you will find answers to your questions. Those of you that have had the Range Orientation with one of our RSO’s will be provided with the new gate password from Jamie, while Life Members  again received an email with the password in January. THE GATE COMBINATION WAS CHANGED JANUARY 1ST.

One of the most important steps toward ensuring your own safety is having a personal safety strategy in place before you need it. NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim® program teaches the tips and techniques you need to be alerted to dangerous situations and to avoid criminal confrontation.  The Refuse To Be A Victim® program is not a firearms or self-defense class. It is a seminar that will help you improve your personal safety strategies and will provide you with valuable information that you can apply in every area of your life.  We will talk about the psychology of criminal predators and discuss such topics as mental preparedness, physical security, and home security.  Other topics are automobile security, travel, technological security and personal protection devices.

This is a four (4) hour seminar and will take place on Saturday, February 13 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Norway Paris Fish and Game Association Clubhouse.

Cost of this seminar is $5.00 for club members and $10.00 for all others.   Included in this price you will receive the NRA Refuse to Be a Victim Handbook which contains all the topics discussed during the seminar and more.

If you would like to attend this seminar, please contact Debby Schilling at    Due to Covid-19 restrictions, seating is limited so you must make a reservation to attend.  

Remember, if you are always aware of your surroundings and the people around you, your chances of successfully avoiding a bad situation are vastly improved.  Risk cannot be totally eliminated, but you can markedly reduce it by using some of the crime prevention techniques you will learn in the seminar.

The goal of this course is to provide the BASIC Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude necessary to learn pistol marksmanship using a virtual training system.   We will discuss the firearm safety rules, parts of a pistol, discover our dominant eye and study the basic fundamentals of pistol shooting.  We will then apply these fundamentals using the laser shot indicating simulator pistol (SIRT).  For those who are interested in learning the basics of pistol shooting without the intimidation of live fire, this is a great place to start.  After completing this course, your next step would be to attend the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting which will be a live fire class.   For those who already shoot, this class serves as a good review. 

This is a three (3) hour course that will take place on Sunday, March 7 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Norway Paris Fish and Game Association Clubhouse.    The cost of this class will be $15.00.   You will receive the NRA New Shooter booklet and training handouts.  At the completion of this class you will be awarded an  NRA Certificate of Completion.

If you are interested in attending this course, or have any questions, please contact Debby Schilling at   Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, this class will have limited seating.   If you wish to attend you will need to make a reservation.

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LL Cote Sporting Goods, Errol, NH   fishing equipment valued at $100.00
Depot Square Hardware, Mechanic Falls 2-$25.00 Gift Cards
Sturdy Hardware, Sabattus $25.00 Gift Card
Dag’s Bait & Tackle, Auburn Fishing Shelter valued at $125.00
207 Kydex Kustoms, Paris, custom pistol holster