Don’t forget that our GUN RAFFLE is underway and this is the last month !*FIRSTNAME*!, and because of the CHINA virus and the cancellation of our other fund-raising activities most especially that the Oxford Fair is cancelled, it’s our biggest money maker this year. So, please do your part to both buy and sell some tickets. Many clubs automatically send raffle tickets to their members, something we don’t do (yet), but we need your participation nevertheless, and more than ever. You can buy tickets by sending $5.00 for each, to NPFG, Box 123, Norway 04268. If you want your club to be viable, and provide you with the services and facility you wish, than everyone needs to participate in this critical event! We REALLY need your help!  Look at the great guns  the best we’ve had! And, a big thank you to Fine Line Guns of Poland for procuring the guns and handling this for us, as the do each year.

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