Our GUN RAFFLE was just held, and we thought that you’d like to know who won. So here are their names and ticket numbers.

1) Chase Campbell        #659

2) William Cronin           #1571

3) Don Packard             #1197

4) Wade Boston            #294

5) Diane Josud              #216

6) Nick Kontos               #1498

7) Cindy Ouellette         #0037

8) Tom Farrington          #493

9) David Porter               #461

10) Wendy Ritchie        #1274  

MANY thanks to each and every one of you who participated in some way. This was our key income-producing event this year, and we are happy that it was a BIG success!   Please be nice to the businesses ( DOE’S GENERAL STORE, LAKE REGION AWARDS, FINE LINE GUN SHOP, THE STONE GUN SHOP, and RECORD LUMBER) that did such a wonderful job helping us sell tickets.   You guys are all the best!!

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