We are eliminating our clubhouse activities due to the threat of coronavirus, but our ranges are still available. Here are the range rules to be followed:
1. Ranges are open to members only, not the general public.
2. You must disinfect the doorknob, benches and seats in the Rifle/Pistol Range, as well as other items to be touched.
3. “Sam’s Office” (AKA Porta Potty) should be disinfected as well, if it is to be used.
4. Social Distancing, as prescribed by the government, is to be in effect on all ranges. That means you need to be 6′ away from others at all times.
5. You cannot go into the clubhouse and bathroom.

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    • Please check out the “JOIN” page for information. You will also find there the contact information for our Membership Officer, Jamie Robinson, who can answer any questions you might have after reviewing the page.


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