Norway-Paris Fish & Game Assn., Inc.


Non-profit (501)(c)(3)

Rifle & Pistol

Ranges are 200, 100 yard and 85 yards for rifles, and 25 yards for handguns.

Gongs of various types and sizes out there 200 and 100 yards to add more fun!! 

Totally enclosed four shooting stations with benches, provides the opportunity to utilize the ranges in even the most inclement weather.

The pistol range has several reactive targets including a professional DUELING TREE adding an element of real fun to the shooting experience.

These ranges are plowed during the winter providing shooting ability all year.

Ranges are open from 8 am to sunset.

During our Fall Shoots, this range has a running deer target for those competing.

The range is totally covered by our digital camera system operating 24/7 assuring that all conduct is within our Standard Operating Procedure guidelines for safety.

Our BOWLING PIN PISTOL TARGET matches will be resuming very soon. Check with 
Paul Raysik if you want to participate in this fun event! There are interesting PISTOL SHOOTS the first Saturday each month starting at 9 am.

For information about these ranges, call Paul Raysik at 618-2366, or you can email him at

Scheduled Range Closings