Upcoming TRAINING Classes

In July and August, the NPF&G Association will be hosting Ladies Only Fun  Shoots.  These events are for ladies of all skill levels to come together and just have fun!

You can bring your own firearm or, if you do not have one, you will be able to use one provided by us.  There will be a range safety briefing to familiarize you with the range and the courses of fire for the afternoon, then it will be time to have fun and make new friends on the range.

Sunday, July 11th  we will be shooting handguns.  There will be basic targets
to warm up on and then we will move on to more challenging targets.  Hanging reactive targets are so rewarding when hit, they swing, and who can resist the ping sound when you hit a steel target.  We might even divide into teams for some friendly competition.  There might even be a surprise or two during the afternoon.  Whatever the afternoon brings, it should be full of fun, laughter, and camaraderie.  

We will begin at 1 p.m. and end the session at 4 p.m.  Feel free to bring your own handgun with ammunition.  We will check your gun before going live on the range.  If you do not have a handgun, no worries, we will have Smith and Wesson Victories chambered in .22 caliber for your use.  We will have Eye and Ear
Protection available but if you have your own, please feel free to bring it with you. 

The cost for the afternoon is only $5.00!  This is to help cover the cost of targets and range supplies.

 You must register in advance for this event.  We need to know how many
participants we will be accommodating to make the proper arrangements.    Please contact Debby Schilling at: 

Thank you for your interest!  We look forward to seeing you.

Sunday, August 8th  will be our second Ladies Only Fun Shoot Event from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  If you are interested in the sport of Trap Shooting, this is the day for you.  We will have access to the Trap Range for the afternoon so you can try your hand at breaking clay birds.  Once again, we will have a range safety briefing before we begin so everyone understands how things work.  Then its out to the range.  We can start out with static targets and then move on to the “flying clays”.  Bring your shotgun and ammunition with you.  If you do not have a shotgun, no worries, we have a few that you will be able to use.  Once again, bring your eye and ear protection if you have some; if not, we will have some available for your use.

The cost for the afternoon is only $5.00!  This is to help cover the cost of the clay birds and  range equipment.

You must register in advance for this event.  We will need to know how many participants will be attending so that we can make the proper arrangements.

Please contact Debby Schilling at:  debbyschilling@verizon.net

Thank you for your interest!  We look forward to seeing you.


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