Norway-Paris Fish & Game Assn., Inc.

Non-profit (501)(c)(3)

What's happening at our club.....

Our monthly meetings are held on the Third Wednesday of every month, beginning at 6:30 PM, in our clubhouse. We enjoy a truly terrific potluck dinner, guests are welcome, and there is never any charge.


Winners of the Ice Fishing Derby!

Anson Dyke – Brown Trout 19.5″ 2.1LBs
Madilyn Mattson – Bass 17.75″ 3.01LBs
Willow Howe – Pickerel 22.25″ 2.01LBs
Sam Landis – Ranbow Trout 15.5″ 1.07Lbs

Brandon Cary – Brook Trout 16.25″ 1.15LBs
Sarah Cary – Brown Trout 22.5″ 5.06LBs
Jannelle Derenburger – Bass 20″ 4.09LBs
Travis Turgeon – Lake Trout 16.5″ 1.05LBs
Travis Turgeon – Salmon 22.25″ 3.13LBs
Larry Thurson – Pickerel 21″ 2.05LBs



Happy New (Membership) Year!

Wondering why your gate code didn’t work? We changed the code at sundown on Dec. 31 just like we always do. The current code has been provided to all range-qualified Sponsors and Life members. Annual members get the new code when you renew your membership for 2023. If you have one of the pink membership cards AND have had the Range Safety Orientation, your card (it’s pink this year, for no particular reason…) was provided to you with the 2023 gate code on the back. Membership is on a calendar year basis: the membership year runs from January 1 until December 31.
We did get a new lock. Please note that the code numbers should show at the TOP of the display window where the black lines are, not in the middle as previously (and NO, that’s NOT the code…).



Next meeting is Wednesday, March 15 at 6:30 p.m.  Please bring a main dish, salad, side or desert!  


Sunday, April 23 – Trap – Marathon Doubles

Sunday, May 21 – Trap – Singles and Doubles

Saturday and Sunday, June 24 & 25 – Nora Ross returns to NPFG with another DON’T MISS Trap Clinic!!

Sunday, August 20 – Trap – Marathon Doubles

Trap has a Facebook page, keep track of what’s happening there